2. The whole world seems to be going through break ups and I’m just like

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  4. I am mixture of pessimism and optimism and I hate it. 

    I feel like a rag no one bothers to wring out or wash but at the same time I feel priceless because I know I should. 


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  9. Like my first time I caught fire

    Trust these words are stones
    Why cuts aren’t healing
    Learning how to love

    I’m melting. 
    In your eyes
    I lost my place
    Could stay a while

    And I’m melting
    In your eyes
    Like my first time
    That I caught fire
    Just stay with me
    Lay with me

  10. When your friend covered a song and its better than the original and don’t want to post the official version and don’t want to upload the cover because you don’t want to ask them permission